Zhu Zhu Pets Chunk V.S. Real Hamster Pets?

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Chunk Zhu Zhu pet  loves to surf, the problem is he doesn’t know how to swim. Don't even try to do it with real hamsters. If you do it to Chunk, you will destroy your pet.

Great reasons why you need to have Chunk zhu zhu pet hamster rather than real hamster pet:

Real hamster pets hibernate during winter season. Chunk zhu zhu pets don't. Kids get impatient when real hamster pets sleep a lot. Chunk zhu zhu pet may sleep for couple of minutes and become very active to play with you kids after. Your kids will have hours of endless fun with Chunk zhu zhu pets. Chunk zhu zhu pets is also great for spiral slides and hamster wheels.

Real hamsters could easily find ways to get out of their cage. The difficult thing about that is you will have a hard time to find them. You will lose precious time to find real hamster pets. With Chunk zhu zhu pets, you will have peace of mind that you won't lose them. Chunk zhu zhu pets have traceable audio features to easily find them. This toy hamster are like pet hamster only that they are more controllable.

Those real hamster pets have some annoying habits. They chew all the time. This is because they need to sharpen their teeth so they could bite easily. If you let loose them in your house they could bite your furniture and scratch some of them. With Chunk zhu zhu pets you won't have worries with them. Chunk zhu zhu pets don't chew. So your kids will be safe from animal bites. Your furniture will be also safe from real hamster scratches.